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Sh Mop w/ Terry Cloth Cover - 8 x 15 and Telescopic Mop Handle

Sh Mop w/ Terry Cloth Cover - 8 x 15 and Telescopic Mop Handle

Sh Mop Terry Cloth Mop - Hard Surface Floor Mop

Effectively clean your hard surface floors with the popular Sh Mop terry cloth mop. This 8x15 Sh Mop comes with a 100% cotton terry cloth mop head cover that is machine washable. The ShMop has a large head for quick cleaning of all your hard surfaces. The all-metal handle is telescoping so it can extend from 30 inches to 50 inches long, no need to bend - mopping has never been easier! Mop also comes with an attached soft-scrubbing fiber pad, which is designed for no wax vinyl floors. Order your ShMop here today.

Each Sh Mop Comes With:

  • (1) 8x15 Mop Head
  • (1) All metal telescoping mop handle
  • (1) Terry cloth mop head cover

Purchase additional replacement Sh Mop terry cloth mop covers and save on shipping!
If you are looking for a mop pad other than the included terry cloth, you can also purchase separately a microfiber wet or dry mop pad.

Cleaning with the Sh Mop Hard Surface Floor Mop:

  • Wet mop cover with clean water and wring out excess water
  • Place elastic mop cover over mop head
  • Spray attached mop cover with floor cleaner you will be using
  • Clean intended hard surface floor area
  • Rinse mop cover during cleaning process, as needed
  • Once you have finished cleaning, machine wash and dry mop cover

Do not use chlorine bleach, fabric softener, or fabric sheets

Ditch your old ineffective mop for this affordable and effective Sh Mop terry cloth mop!

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