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Sh-Mop by Comsentech - Original Mop & Terry Cloth Covers

Get efficient streak free cleaning with the original Sh-Mop by Comsentech. This specialty mop with terry cloth covers & pads will help you clean in less time. The Sh-Mop features a large mop head and all-metal extendable handle. Mopping has never been easier.

Sh-Mop Original Mop & Cover Highlights

  • Professional grade specialty mop & cover
  • For commercial and residential flooring
  • Efficient streak free cleaning

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Sh Mop w/ Terry Cloth Cover - 8 x 15 and Telescopic Mop Handle
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Master SKU: 19-0001

Effectively clean your hard surface floors with the Sh-Mop terry cloth mop. Each terry cloth mop comes with an 8x15 mop head and telescoping handle. The included washable terry cloth mop head cover means you get hundreds of cleaning sessions.

Our price: $43.29
Sh Mop Sh Wipe Terry Cloth Mop Cover - 8 x 15
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Master SKU: 19-0002#
Get terry cloth mop replacement covers for the popular Sh-Mop. The machine washable terry cloth mop covers with elastic band fit the 8 x 15 Sh-Mop head. This terry cloth mop cover is sturdy enough to last hundreds of washings.

Our price: $6.25
Sh Micro Wet or Dry Mop Pad - 8 x 15
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Master SKU: 19-0004#
Sh-Mop microfiber mop pads can be used for wet or dry cleaning of hard surface floors. These elastic Sh-Mop covers are made to be used with Sh-Mop or any 8x15 mop head. Purchase these microfiber dust mop and wet mop covers and reuse hundreds of times!

Our price: $6.25
Terry Cloth Mop Covers 8 x 15 - 2 Pack Sh-Wipe
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Master SKU: 19-0007#
Economical 2 pack of Sh-Wipe terry cloth mop covers. Elastic band keeps mop cover snug on mop head. Fits any 8 x 15 mop. Get your floors clean with this great value.

Our price: $11.39