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Slipstick Furniture Protector

Felt Pads, Grippers, Caster Cups & Risers - Slipstick Furniture Feet Protectors

Slipstick offers a wide range of premium floor protection products that attach to furniture. Felt pads, risers, movers, grippers, caster cups and coasters protect your floors and your furniture. These easy to use products are designed for use on hardwood, tile, laminate and other hard surface flooring. See below for additional details and order options.

Slipstick Furniture Feet Protector Highlights

  • Premium floor protection products that attach to furniture
  • Easy to follow fitting instructions
  • Long-lasting and affordable

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Slipstick 3/4 inch Feet
Master SKU: 21-0012
Slipstick sliders come in the size 3/4" which is ideal for the use of .75" to 1" diameter legs. Specially formulated so you can slide chairs in and out easily without causing damage. Available in the color black and comes in a pack of 16 slider feet's.

Our price: $11.89
Slipstick Furniture Movers
Master SKU: 21-0038#
Slipstick furniture movers will multitask for you; works on carpet or hard surface

Our price: $15.99
Slipstick Grippers
Master SKU: 21-0003.
Slipstick Grippers are used for unwanted furniture movements and scratches to your floors. They easy to install to your furniture's and comes in 3 different sizes and two colors. Sizes available are 1.25", 2", and 3.25" with the colors chocolate and caramel.

Our price: $9.89
Slipstick Large Felt Pads - 4.5 Inches x 6 Inches
Master SKU: 21-0024#
New from Installerstore! 4.5" x 6" heavy duty Slipstick felt pads. Protect your floors from scratches! Prevent your furniture legs from costing you a fortune in repairs with easy to install self-adhesive pads.

Our price: $4.99
Slipstick Leg Coaster - Caramel or Chocolate
Master SKU: 21-0015.
Slipstick leg coasters are great for legs up tp 1.75" diameter protecting hard surfaces from scratches. They are available in the color of chocolate and caramel. Slipstick leg coasters come in a set of 4 per package.

Our price: $7.99
Slipstick Riser 2 inch Diameter
Master SKU: 21-0040
Slipstick risers are 2" height x 2" diameter. These risers are ideal for hardwood/ceramic floors and will prevent scratches.

Our price: $12.39
Slipstick Rubber Castor Wheels
Master SKU: 21-0035#

Protect your hard surface floors from damage by your office chair wheels. Slipstick Rubber Castor Wheels will replace your standard wheels in a snap then no more chairmats needed.

Our price: $20.59
Slipstick Swivel Foot
Master SKU: 21-0032#

Slipstick Swivel Feet are ideal for protecting floors from chairs with slanted legs. They are compatible with chair legs 3/4" - 1 1/4" in diameter.

Our price: $9.49
Slipstick Castor Cups
Master SKU: 21-0009#

Stop furniture wheels from moving and protect your floor with these Slipstick castor cups for hard surface floors.

Our price: $8.49
Slipstick Gripper Cups
Master SKU: 21-0028
Large Gripper Cups by Slipstick. These glide cups are specially designed to keep bed feet from sliding around.

Our price: $8.99
Slipstick Heavy Felt Furniture Pads - .75 Inch, 1.5 Inch
Master SKU: 21-0020#

New from Installerstore! Heavy duty Slipstick felt pads. Protect your floors with easy to install self-adhesive pads. Sizes: .75", 1.5".

Our price: $2.39
Slipstick Self Stick Felt Pads- 37 Piece Assortment Pack
Master SKU: 21-0025#
New from Installerstore! 37 piece assortment pack of heavy duty Slipstick felt pads. Protect your floors from scratches! Easy to install self-adhesive pads.

Our price: $6.99