Slipstick Gripper Cups

Slipstick Gripper Cups
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SlipStick Gripper Cups - No Slip Bed, Desk, or Any Furniture

Does your desk, table, or bed slip? SlipStick small gripper cups stop furniture feet, like bed feet, from slipping and scratching your floor. The SlipStick grippers are designed for bed feet so you can have a no slip bed and maintain the appearance of your beautiful hardwood floors. Installation is simple. Simply place the SlipStick gripper cups underneath furniture legs to prevent your bed from moving and prevent scratches. An easy and convenient way to keep furniture in place. These SlipStick gripper cups are safe to use with any furniture with legs measuring 2" - 3.25". Great for beds, dressers, desks, tables, entertainment centers, and more.

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21-0028 2" - 3.25"
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