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Sonic Scrubber All Purpose Janitorial Kit

Sonic Scrubber All Purpose Janitorial Kit

Power Scrub Brush by Sonic Scrubber

Use this hand held scrubber on a variety of hard to clean surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other place you need a little extra "elbow grease" to get the job done. The Sonic Scrubber power scrub brush comes with four interchangeable oscillating power scrub brush head choices that can be used in conjunction with your favorite household cleaner.

The power scrub brush is battery-operated and water tight for easy cleaning around water. Powerful, ultra-lightweight hand held scrubber's design makes cleaning a synch! The high torque motor provides continuous scrubbing without stalling. Sonic Scrubbers hand held scrubber has a non-slip grip, providing a comfortable and secure hold while you clean.

Hand Held Scrubber by Sonic Scrubber Highlights

  • Angled power scrub brush head prevents knuckle scrapes
  • The hand held scrubber is portable and water resistant
  • Works great for hard to reach and difficult to clean surfaces
  • Reduces your scrubbing time
  • Powerful, easy-to-use and lightweight design
  • Comes with 4 AA batteries

Save time and get great results with this hand held scrubber. Order your power scrub brush today!

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Sonic Scrubbers All Purpose Janitorial Kit
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