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Squeeeeek No More Kit

Squeeeeek No More Kit

Creaky Floors? Use Squeeeeek No More Kit to Stop Floor Noise

It's so easy to fix creaky floors now. Stop squeaky hardwood, linoleum, vinyl and carpet floor noise with the Squeek No More System. Yes, even carpet noise can be fixed! Get a good night's sleep without hearing the sound of carpet noise as someone walks down the hallway. Also works to eliminate noisy stairways, even those hard to fix squeaky hardwood stairs. Finally, a way to stop those annoying creaky floors. Squeeeeek No More Kit comes with complete instructions. Squeeek No More kit can be used on carpeted, hardwood and vinyl floors. Stop those pesky squeaks today!

  • Squeeek No More kit includes:
  • 50 Specially scored waxed screws
  • Alignment and Depth control fixture
  • Driver bit
  • Joist finder
  • Complete Instructions

    Squeek No More Kit Information

Video on how to use Squeek No More Kit

***Canadian customers please call 866-258-1554 to place your order Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5PM Central Standard Time.

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