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Zoroufy and IS Stair Rods, Stair Holds, Stair Clips, and Wall Hangers

Dress-up your staircase with Zoroufy Stair Rods. Several finishes are available for you to choose from. You will also be able to select a decorative finial of your choice. Stair Holds, occasionally referred to as Stair Clips, can also be used as an ornamental accent on your staircase. Stair Holds are sometimes used with Stair Rods as an added touch by placing them on the top and bottom stair riser. This makes for a truly unique look.

Zoroufy Wall Hangers and IS Wall Hangers can be found in a variety of lengths and finishes to fit your needs. These Wall Hangers are sold as complete sets, including rod, wall mounting brackets, clips, and choice of finials.

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Zoroufy Stair Rods - Zoroufy Stair Rods are known for their quality and classic styling. Have your guest step up to the outstanding beauty of our stair rods, brackets and finials. Each one carefully crafted with the quality and design you would expect. Zoroufy Stair Rods look equally as elegant in both contemporary and traditional homes. Check out our large selection of styles and finishes to create your own unique fashion statement for your stairway. Call to find additional discounts.

Stair Clips,Stair Holds,Carpet Clips,Carpet Holds Stair Holds

Zoroufy Stair Holds -Zoroufy's reputation for elegance continues with these beautifully crafted stair holds available in several different styles and finishes. Made of brass, these stair holds make an attractive alternative to those wishing an alternative to stair rods.

Tapestry Hangers,Wall Hangers,Rug Hangers Tapestry Hangers / Wall Hangers

Zoroufy Wall Hangers - Zoroufy Wall Hangers offer an easy but classy way to display your heirloom tapestry, rug, quilt or other accent piece. Manufactured from 100% brass, you will find the same Zoroufy high quality in design and fashion. The Legacy line offers an adjustable wall hanger for those hard to fit items.

IS Tapestry Hangers - Installerstore Tapestry Hangers, both functional and classy, offer the homeowner an impressive way to display their wall accent piece. Transform a drab wall into a focal point by using one of these attractive wall hangers.

Tapestry Hangers,Wall Hangers,Rug Hangers Zoroufy Solid Decorative Floor Registers

Zoroufy Floor Registers - These 100% brass decorative floor registers have the same great design and craftsmanship as the Zoroufy Stair Rods and Wall Hangers. Find unique floor register styles and finishes for you home. These solid floor registers will compliment any room decor.


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