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Stone Cleaner

Stone Maintenance has never been so easy with our large variety of stone cleaners. When it comes to tile, marble, granite, porcelain, natural stone and more, we've got you covered.

We carry top products from Aqua Mix, Mohawk, Tech, Stone Savior and other name brands you trust.

You can choose from ready-to-use cleaners, concentrates, or even refills. Whether you need stone cleaners for your home or commercial areas you are sure to find something that works for you. Our wide variety of stone maintenance and cleaning products is sure to please.

For even more stone maintenance products be sure to check out our Stone Sealer and Polish section too!


Bruce Multi Surface Floor Cleaner
Master SKU: 27-0053
Bruce Multi Surface Floor Cleaner is ready-to-use and safe for all tile, vinyl, stone and ceramic surfaces. Residue and streak free. Available in 64oz Refill.

Our price: $17.99
Cal-Flor Eco Clean Floor Cleaner - All Surface Cleaner
Master SKU: 22-0007#
Cal-Flor Eco Clean floor cleaner leaves floors spotless without rinsing. This biodegradable, non-toxic, ammonia-free, no VOC's cleaner is safe and effective to use in home and professional cleaning. The all surface cleaner is available in 32oz ready-to-use spray and 8oz concentrated formula.

Our price: $12.99
Cal-Flor Floor Cleaner and Polish - Satin or Gloss
Master SKU: 22-0010#
Cal-Flor Single-Step Cleaner & Polish in one! This cleaner/polish duo is available in soft satin and bright glossy finish. This floor polish covers approximately 750 square feet per 24 oz bottle.

Our price: $13.15
Gundlach Calcium Blocker Reduce Calcium Build Up
Master SKU: 45-0031#

Gundlach GC36 Calcium Blocker reduces calcium build up in your shower and other household surfaces. Inhibit efflorescence with this multi-surface protectant. Available in a ready-to-use 32 oz spray.

Our price: $57.99
Gundlach GC32 Feel Safe Anti Slip Treatment
Master SKU: 45-0012

Keep your floors safe by treating them with new Gundlach Feel Safe Non-Slip Surface Floor Treatment. Designed for used on porous surfaces such as cermaic, porcelain, natural stone and concrete. Maximum traction is acheived within 10 minutes of applying and will hold up over time if properly maintained. Try some today!

Our price: $36.19
Gundlach GC40 Clean and Protect
Master SKU: 45-0030

Protect and seal your natural stone surfaces with Gundlach Clean and Protect. This multi-use cleaner is great for everyday cleaning and maintainance. Suitable for use on natural stone, quartz, ceramic, porcelain and more!

Our price: $27.09
Gundlach Granite Cleaner and Polish GC27
Master SKU: 45-0028#

Gundlach granite cleaner and polish allows for a mess free cleaning experience. The easy spray-on application allows for convenient and affordable marble countertop care. Granite cleaner and polish is available in a 19 oz aerosol can.

Our price: $31.99
Gundlach pH Neutral Cleaner
Master SKU: 45-0013

Great for routine cleaning on a wide variety of surfaces including but not limited to natural stone, ceramic, vinyl, glass and countertops, Gundlach's PH Neutral Cleaner is a must for anyone who is interested in keeping their floors cleaner for longer.

Our price: $21.35
Loba Care Remover
Master SKU: 30-0025
Deep clean hardwood floors with Loba Care Remover. After diluting, this pH neutral floor cleaner breaks down layers of old floor care products. Use on all types of flooring including hardwood and even sensitive flooring types. Sold in a 32 oz concentrate.

Our price: $16.89
Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Master SKU: 30-0024
Trusted Loba hardwood floor cleaner sold in a ready-to-use 32 oz spray bottle. No residue is left behind with this wood, laminate and cork cleaner. Use on MANY different types of hard surfaces.

Our price: $12.19
Loba Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Master SKU: 30-0023
Hard-to-find Loba hardwood floor cleaner in an economical quart concentrated formula. This concentrated floor cleaner makes a high yield of Loba hardwood floor cleaner.

Our price: $19.69
Omni Concentrated Cleaner
Master SKU: 13-0086
Omni concentrated cleaner is the economical choice for everyday cleaning. Regular use of this surfactant cleaner prevents soap scum on the surface in the future. This 70 oz container of concentrated cleaner can make up to 70 gallons of cleaning solution.

Our price: $14.39
Omni Deep Cleaner
Master SKU: 13-0084
Grout, stone and tile deep cleaner spray can be used on interior and exterior applications. This deep cleaner is effective as a hard water stain remover, algae remover, and much more. Sold in a 32 oz ready-to-use spray bottle.

Our price: $19.29
Omni Efflorescence Remover
Master SKU: 13-0080
Cleaning efflorescence from brick is made easy with Omni! This efflorescence remover can be used on interior and exterior tile, most stones, concrete, masonry and more. The best efflorescence remove on the market is sold in a gallon.

Our price: $33.09
Omni Elite Cleaner
Master SKU: 13-0082
Remove algae from concrete and many other pesky stains with the Omni Elite Cleaner. This dual action cleaner and stain remover is non-toxic and can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. Sold in a quart size bottle.

Our price: $15.49
Omni Heavy Duty Cleaner
Master SKU: 13-0087
The Omni Heavy Duty Cleaner can be diluted to make an effective mold removal spray. This alkaline cleaner is sold in an effective 70 oz concentration, which needs to be diluted before use.

Our price: $16.59
Omni Poultice Stain Remover
Master SKU: 13-0079
Omni poultice cleaner is a non-toxic stain remover safe to use on tile, stone, concrete, masonry and grout. This absorptive clay pulls deep-set stains below the surface, for an effective clean. Sold in a 12 oz jar.

Our price: $9.99
Rock Doctor Tile and Grout Cleaner
Master SKU: 11-0008

Rock Doctor Tile and Grout Cleaner is effective and safe to use on multiple surfaces. Hard-to-find and safe to use as a colored grout cleaner and unglazed tile cleaner. Extra strength tile and grout cleaner available in 24 oz spray bottle. $2 manufacturer rebate available!

Our price: $9.09
Sentinel 810 All Surface Cleaning Kit
Master SKU: 42-1000#
Everything you need for effective all surface cleaning. This kit includes a 32 oz bottle of Sentinel 810 all surface cleaner and a heavy-duty microfiber mop with cleaning and dusting mop pads.

Our price: $26.99
Traction Plus Finished Surfaces Cleaner and Maintainer
Master SKU: 11-0076.

This Traction Plus for finished surfaces will clean your floors while bringing back it's slip resistance in just a few easy steps. Use this product on your VCT, sheet vinyl, sealed wood and more! 

Our price: $36.19
Apex Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner
Master SKU: 11-0002#
Apex Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner is gentle enough for daily use on sealed granite, marble, and natural stone surfaces. This product will leave your floors looking sparkling and new. $2 manufacturer rebate available!

Our price: $8.99
Apex Flooraid Plus
Master SKU: 11-0007.
Buy FloorAid+ to clean hard surface floors. Made by the same company that makes CarpetAid+. Environmentally friendly non-toxic hard surface floor cleaner. Available in a 24oz Spray or 64oz Refill.

Our price: $6.89
Earthwerks Floor Cleaner
Master SKU: 35-0043#
Earthwerks cleaner can be used on all types of flooring including LVT, hardwood, laminate, tile or stone.

Our price: $13.89
Mohawk Ceramic Tile & Stone Cleaner - 32oz Spray
Master SKU: 27-0495#

Keep your Tile and Stone surfaces looking fresh and clean with new Tile & Stone Cleaner from Mohawk®. The specifically designed, residue-free formula is water based and safe for use in homes with children and pets. 

Our price: $13.99