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Suncourt Entree Air Door Frame Fan

Suncourt Entree Air Door Frame Fan

Suncourt EntreeAir Door Frame Fan - Circulate Air From Room to Room

Purchase the Suncourt EntreeAir Door Frame Fan to efficiently circulate warm or cool air from room to room! This door frame fan mounts directly into any door frame for easy installation. The Suncourt fan works great in recreational vehicles as well. With the quiet operation, this door frame fan operates for pennies a day keeping your house at the perfect temperature. Available in the colors brown or pearl.

Suncourt Door Frame Fan Installation Instructions
  • Cut out included template. Retain instructions for future reference.
  • Place either narrow end of template against the top edge of the door frame with the long edge against the doorstop.
  • Install one screw at each center point. Allow screw to project 1/4". Position the unit securely on the screws.
  • The EntreeAir door frame fan is installed over the screws by placing the two keyhole slots over the screw heads (make sure the unit slips over the screws and locks into place).
  • Securely attach electrical cord to door frame with cord clips (included).
Video on Installation Instructions

**Observe the airflow direction marked on the outside of the unit when installing.

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Suncourt EntreeAir Doorframe Fan
Suncourt EntreeAir Door Frame Fan Specs
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