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Suncourt ThruWall Room to Room Fan TW108

Suncourt ThruWall Room to Room Fan TW108

Suncourt ThruWall Fan - Temperature Control Fan

Suncourt ThruWall Fan balances temperatures in adjoining rooms. This room to room fan moves cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Suncourt temperature control fans quietly and efficiently distribute air, and can even vent a room that always seems stuff. Sold in white, but the ThruWall fan can be painted to suit any decor. The manufacturer does recommend using a quality, fast dry spray paint to customize the room to room fans. Installation work must be done by qualified person(s) in accordance with all applicable codes and standards, including fire-rated construction.

The Suncourt ThruWall Fan TW108 features a 10 foot grounded power cord (plug into 110 Volt AC outlet) and a 3-position rocker switch, which allows you to run the room to room fan on low and/or high. The telescoping housing allows this versatile temperature control fan to be installed in walls 3.75 inches to 6.5 inches thick.

Important Note: Do not use in west or damp locations (not for bathroom use). Do not install the ThruWall fan in a window or outside walls. Please see product information guide link provided below for full product information.

Suncourt ThruWall Fan Highlights:
  • Saves energy and money
  • Engineered for maximum airflow
  • 9.75 inch grille diameter
  • Install into frame of wall (adjoining rooms)
  • Air exits the fan on the control side
  • Can be installed into frame walls from 3.75 inch to 6.5 inch
  • Low voltage - 85 Watts (similar to medium sized light bulb)
  • 2-speed switch
  • 12 month limited warranty (from manufacturer)
  • For wall use only. Cannot be used on floors.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please read this PDF file with important information and installation instructions for the Suncourt ThruWall Fan TW108 before purchasing.

Room to Room Fan Installation Instructions
  1. Place the metal sleeve (without the grille attached) against the wall with the flanged edge facing you. Trace the pipe on the outside with a pencil to mark the cutout (Picture 1).
  2. Cut out the circular opening with a small drywall saw. Cut inside the pencil line (Picture 2).
  3. Project the edge of the cutout onto the inside of the other wall board in three places, approximately 120° apart. Use a small square or a piece of cardboard that has an exact 90° angle to mark the cutout points on the inside of the other wall. The two circular openings must be accurately aligned (Picture 3).
  4. Use a small sharp pin or very small drill bit (1/32" or smaller) to punch or drill these three marks to the outside of the other wall (Picture 4).
  5. Place the other sleeve, with grille attached, against the outside of the wall and center its location using the three markers that you have made, then trace the outside of the sleeve with a pencil. Cut the circular opening with a small drywall saw. Cut inside the pencil line (Picture 5).
  6. Insert the metal sleeve with the grille into the the cutout opening (fan output side) and snug the flange up against the wall material, making sure that power cord is hanging straight down.
  7. Insert the other metal sleeve into the cutout openings (fan suction side) and snug the flange up against the wall material.
  8. Position the unattached plastic grille over the metal sleeve that was just inserted so that the Suncourt logo is at the bottom and one of the mounting holes is in the top center. Mark the location of all 3 wall anchors. Make sure that the grille ribs are nicely square with the floor.
  9. Mark the position for the wall anchors on the grille.
  10. Remove the metal sleeve with grille attached and drill the holes on both sides of the wall for the anchors with a sharp 3/16" drill bit. Install wall anchors and after re-inserting metal sleeve with grille attached, screw the grilles down snugly (Picture 6). DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN

Suncourt ThruWall Room to Room Fan Installation Instructions

Need a hard-wired room to room fan? Suncourt also offers a ThruWall Pro temperature control fan.
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Suncourt Thruwall Room to Room Fan TW108
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