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Total Solutions Live Micro 535

Total Solutions Live Micro 535
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Enzyme Odor Remover - Natural Carpet Cleaner

Total Solutions enzyme odor remover contains both aerobic and facultative bacteria to help break down organic waste. This natural cleaner will quickly eliminate odor that has plagued your home and is safe to use around pets and children. Live Micro enzyme odor remover can be used in the bathroom, at restaurants, hotels and even in pet kennels. It is available in a 32 oz container which can be diluted to create a ready to use spray. Clean up food, grease, oil and even vomit from your carpeted surfaces. This natural cleaner contains no chemicals and is an environmentally friendly way to clean up waste and odor. Order now to see the difference it can make. Eliminate unwanted odors easily and effectively.

Total Solutions Odor Remover Directions

  • Shake or mix well before using natural cleaner
  • Ratio of 1 part cleaner and 1 part water
  • Do not dilute with hot water
  • Spray solution onto fabric thoroughly
  • Brush surface and leave damp towel over area for 24 hours
  • Enzymes and bacteria will digest organic waste and malodors

Natural Carpet Cleaner Highlights

  • Enzyme odor remover works on mold, food, grease and mildew
  • Formulated with strains of bacteria
  • Use in bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms
  • Removes odors and digests organic waste
  • Safe to use in homes, kennels, hotels or restaurants
  • Comes in a 32 oz marked bottle
This enzyme odor remover is just one of our many products available to use in your home. Check out the Total Solutions Carpet Spot Remover to eliminate stains instantly.

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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Total Solutions Live Micro 535
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