Track Base

Aluminum & Vinyl Track Base - For Installation of T-Moldings

Properly bridge flooring of varying heights with track base and floor transition moldings. T-moldings simply snap into the track base for easy installation. Find tracks for multiple flooring types and locations throughout your home. Aluminum and vinyl track base provide a secure attachment point to firmly hold transitions in place. Simply cut track base to size and use to make sure Johnsonite floor moldings stay where you want them. Aluminum track base with pins is intended for use with stretched carpeting. Additional details and order options listed below.

Track Base Highlights

  • Aluminum and vinyl track base for installing T-Moldings
  • Track with pins for use with stretched carpeting
  • Simple snap installation provides a firm attachment

Track base can used with Johnsonite T-Moldings for easy installation. Available now!

  Type of Track Base For Use With
Aluminum Track Base with Pins for Stretched Carpet - T-Moldings Aluminum Track Base with Pins When installing with stretch carpet. Holds the stretch in the carpet while providing a track for chosen t-molding. Install with nails or screws (depending on subfloor type).
Standard Aluminum Track Base Pinless - For Glue Down Carpet Pinless Track Base For use with any flooring type, except stretch carpet. Install with nails or screws (depending on subfloor type).
Vinyl Track Base for Curved Transitions Vinyl Track Base For use with any flooring type except stretch carpet. Can be used in situations where a curved transition/radius is needed. Install with nails, screws, or contact cement (depending on subfloor type).
Watch our Instructional Video on How to Install Track Base
Aluminum Track Base w/ Pins
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Master SKU: Pin-TRK
Aluminum track base for use with t-moldings. This track base comes in 4 foot lengths, and is a nail down installation. Because this track base has pins, it is designed for use with stretched carpeting.

Our price: $5.30
Aluminum Track Base without Pins
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Master SKU: NoPin-TRK
Use this aluminum track base with vinyl t-moldings. These are cut to 48 inch lengths for ease of shipping. It is recommended to screw or nail down the track base the floor. This is not meant for use with stretched carpeting, because it is pinless.

Our price: $4.99
Johnsonite 946 Contact Bond Adhesive
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Master SKU: JOH946Q

Install Johnsonite transition moldings such as the CTA-XX-A, CTA-XX-C and CTA-XX-D with the 946 contact bond adhesive. This transition strip adhesive is also recommended to install vinyl and rubber cove base on non-porous surfaces only, such as stainless steel. Sold in a 1 KG (0.95 QT) bucket.

Our price: $57.89
Johnsonite Vinyl Track Base
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Master SKU: CDB-00-A#
Johnsonite vinyl track base for use with t-moldings. This track base is sold in 12 foot strips, flexible. Vinyl track base is installed using an adhesive, contact cement, or nails. T-Molding track is not for use with stretched carpets.

Our price: $17.69
Dap Weldwood Contact Cement
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Master SKU: 45-0005#
Dap Contact Cement is very versatile and is suitable for use with laminates, veneers, paper, cork, vinyl, plywood, fabrics, wood, and many other surfaces. Always test the product on a small area to ensure desired results.***Not recommended as a covebase adhesive.

Our price: $29.99