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TruAire White Steel Baseboard Diffusers

TruAire White Steel Baseboard Diffusers
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TruAire Steel Baseboard Register - White Sunburst Design Vent

These TruAire Baseboard Registers are made of high quality steel and have a protective powder coat finish on them. Each register comes with the necessary hardware to make installation fast and easy. It's sunburst design allows for 3-way air deflection and it's adjustable damper allows you to open and close off airflow as needed. These baseboards come in 3 popular sizes. It's faceplate it easily removable for easy access for installation and cleaning purposes. 

White Baseboard Register Highlights

  • White stamped steel construction
  • Metal damper for adjustable airflow
  • 3-way air deflection for maximum distribution
  • Faceplate is removable for cleaning and installation

Need a return air grille? We have an 18" white steel baseboard return to match your white register.

TrUAire Metal Vent Available Sizes:

Item # Register Length Base Projection Top Projection Height
49-0091 15" 2 11/16" 7/8" 4 1/2"
49-0092 18" 2 11/16" 7/8" 4 1/2"
49-0093 24" 2 11/16" 7/8" 4 1/2"

Check out our helpful tips for quick and easy triangular baseboard register installation.

We offer a wide variety of Baseboard Registers in many sizes, styles and finishes. Order today!

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