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Unfinished Wood Wall Grilles

Unfinished Wood Wall Grilles

Wood Return Air Grille - Made of Unfinished Red Oak

Ceiling and wall grilles sold here. These solid North American red oak wood vents come in an unfinished traditional style. Replace your plain white air grille with beautiful wood return grilles. This hard to find unfinished wood return air grille can be stained to match your floors or baseboard. Return air grilles do not come with dampers. Order today for quick shipping direct to your home or workplace.

Find matching unfinished sidewall / ceiling registers.

Product Highlights

  • Solid 1/2" thick American Red Oak Vent
  • Unfinished for stain matching
  • Screws included for easy installation of oak vents
  • Return air grilles do not come with dampers

Available Sizes:
Wondering what size wood vents to order? Use the actual hole size and not the faceplate dimensions when ordering. A hole size of 10" x 6" would need a 10" x 6" wood vent. 

Item Grille / Hole Size Faceplate Size
61-0100 ***10" x 6" Size will vary
61-0101 12" x 6" Size will vary
Master SKU 61-0100#
Our price: $22.75
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