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Cal-Flor Chip Cure Repair Putty
Master SKU: 22-0021#
Easy-to-use repair putty for chips, dings and dents. This wood filler can applies smooth and isn't sandy or sticky. Use as a wood, laminate, tile or vinyl floor repair. ChipCure furniture repair putty comes in a 30 gram container and choose from 5 colors.

Our price: $4.75
Cal-Flor Click Seal - Floor Joint Sealant
Master SKU: 22-0011
Cal-Flor Click Seal sealant for laminate and wood floors. This floor joint sealant protects the core of click flooring from moisture and water damage. Click Seal also guards against joint swelling. 

Our price: $11.49
Cal-Flor Color Seal Expansion Joint Sealant
Master SKU: 22-0030

Cal-Flor ColorSeal floor gap filler is a revolutionary expansion joint sealant that also works great for filling nail holes in wood. With six different color options, you will surely find a door jamb filler that will match. Sold in an easy-to-use 5.5 fl oz tube.

Our price: $9.99
Cal-Flor FloorFix - Wood Floor Repair
Master SKU: 22-0002
Fast repairs for wood and laminate floors or furniture by Cal-Flor. Color matching formulas for 9 colors included with wood repair kit. Economical and effective!

Our price: $19.99
Cal-Flor Scratch Away - Masks Wood Scratches
Master SKU: 22-0001#
Mask surface scratches in your pre-finished wood counter-tops, furniture and laminate flooring. This safe and easy-to-use scratch masking treatment comes in two convenient sizes.

Our price: $5.25
Cal-Flor ScratchCure - Floor Scratch Repair Pens
Master SKU: 22-0013
Economical and effective floor scratch repair pens by Cal-Flor. Cover scratches in wood and eliminate white wood stains with this easy-to-use repair pen. Use for vinyl floor scratch repair too. This 1 oz ScratchCure pen is available in 5 different wood species and colors.

Our price: $10.99
Cal-Flor Tile Repair Kit - Mix 2 Match TileFix
Master SKU: 22-0005
Quick and easy tile repair with the Cal-Flor TileFix kit. Almost any ceramic tile, marble, concrete, or stone can be matched with this handy kit.

Our price: $24.99
Cal-Flor Vinyl Repair Kit - Mix 2 Match VinylFix
Master SKU: 22-0006
Cal-Flor Mix2Match Vinyl Repair Kit matches and repairs damage on any hard surface. Virtually any color vinyl & LVT can be matched with this great kit!

Our price: $24.99
Dr Schutz Floor Repair Set
Master SKU: 58-0014
.The Dr. Schutz Floor Repair Kit is an easy top use kit that will include everything that you need to fill in individual holes and deep scratches on laminate, wood, and resilient flooring.

Our price: $54.99
Dr Schutz Scratch Fix Kit
Master SKU: 58-0001
Dr Schutz scratch fix kit for the repair of fine and deep scratches in resilient floor coverings including vinyl, asphalt tile, rubber, linoleum and cork.

Our price: $89.99
Patch-n-Touch up Stick
Master SKU: 65-0086

NEW from SKM! Say goodbye to scratches and holes in your walls with the new Grout Aide Patch-N-Touch Up Stick by SKM Industries! This innovative new pen not only allows you to fill unsightly blemishes in your homes interior, it also comes with a built in Brush and Scraper Tool to make your restoration flawless with no other tools required. 

Our price: $8.99
Roberts Universal Repair Kit - Floor Repair Kit
Master SKU: 22-0020#
Roberts Universal Repair Kit can be used to quickly repair scratches, cracks and other damage. For use with wood floors, vinyl floors, laminate floors, furniture, moldings and much more! Purchase this inexpensive wood and laminate repair kit today.

Our price: $13.99
Trade Secret Leather Scratch Away
Master SKU: 17-0016#

Trade Secret Scratch Away is perfect to erase surface scratches from leather.

Our price: $21.99