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White Gravity Baseboard Register - Vintage Baseboard Diffuser

White Gravity Baseboard Register - Vintage Baseboard Diffuser

White Gravity Baseboard Register - Vintage Baseboard Diffuser

Crafted from steel for durability, this vintage baseboard diffuser is build to last. Our gravity baseboard registers has been made to replace old central gravity registers which are hard to find. Each vintage baseboard diffuser comes with a traditional flap damper that open and closes for fully controlled airflow. The damper control is conveniently located on the front faceplate of the gravity baseboard registers for easy use.

These baseboard registers for older homes have a durable white powder coated finish which will help prevent the cover from showing scratch marks. Each vintage baseboard diffuser has a bottom projection of 2 1/2" from the wall. This baseboard diffuser is shipped in two pieces including the baseboard frame and register insert, and has easy installation instructions included. PDF instructions on how to install the gravity baseboard register.

White Gravity Baseboard Register Highlights:
  • Vintage baseboard diffuser has a triangular projection from the wall
  • Steel core construction with white powder coated finish
  • Works with central gravity furnaces and updated forced air systems
  • Damper opens up one way for controlled airflow
  • Lower base projection 2 1/2"
  • Upper projection 1"
  • Plate style damper projects into wall 4.5" when fully open

Available Vintage Baseboard Diffuser Sizes:
Item # Size Minimum Duct Opening
1312GBW 13 x 12 10 x 8
1512GBW 15 x 12 12 x 8

Please note: To correctly order your gravity baseboard register, measure your duct opening first. For example, the 13 x 12 vintage baseboard diffuser will cover a duct opening of 10" x 8". The overall faceplate size is 13" wide x 12" high.

A decorative black grid style gravity baseboard register is available in a 13x12 size.
For more traditional sizes, check out our vast stock of decorative and standard baseboard diffuser options.
Master SKU 1312GBW#
Our price: $53.99
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White Gravity Baseboard Register - Vintage Baseboard Diffuser
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