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Woca Oil Refresher Soap Natural

Woca Oil Refresher Soap Natural
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Woca Oil Refresher - Natural Color Oil Floor Refresh

Woca Oil Refresher is used for regular cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors. This Woca oil refresh combines efficient cleaning and simultaneous re-oiling of oiled wood floors. The oil penetrates into the wood and provides the surface with a protective The Woca Oil Refresher is VOC free and enhances the natural color of the wood. This Woca oil refresh in Natural is typically used for natural oiled and color oiled floors. Top of the line oiled wood floor care  that gently cleans and maintains the floors. Extend the life of your floors oil finish with the Woca Oil Refresher in Natural Color.

The Woca oil refresh is sold in a ready-to-use spray.

Wood Floor Oil Refresher Directions

  1. The floor must be free from dust before treatment. Shake the bottle well before use. It is recommended to clean 50 square foot areas at a time.
  2. Dilute concentrates to cleaning formula (diluting instructions above) if needed. It is recommended to always work with 2 buckets: one with soapy water and one with rinse water.
  3. Dip the mop into the mixture and with the well wrung mop, wipe lengthwise on the wood.
  4. Clean the mop head in the rinse water, wring very well, and continue until the whole floor is cleaned.
  5. Leave the floor to dry for approximately two hours before use.
  6. If a light shine is desired, polish the dry floor with a white pad, manually or with a buffer.
    Helpful Instructional Video for the Woca oil refresher.

Woca Oil Refresher Available Size:

Item # Size of Woca Oil Refresher
34-0016 0.75 Liter Ready-to-Use Spray

Important Note: The Woca Oil Refresher should not be used more than four times a year.

This Woca Oil Refrehser is also available in the color White, for for white oiled wood floors.

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Woca Oil Refresher Natural
Woca Refresher - Natural Color Oiled Wood Floor Care
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