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Wood Vents

We have a FULL line of wood floor register covers for your home! Not only do we have many hard-to-find sizes in drop in floor wood vents, we also offer many different sizes and species of wood flush mount vents.

If you have a floor hole opening up against the wall/baseboard, you would need a wood baseboard diffuser. Find the length and style you need!

Looking for wood wall vents or return air grilles? Check out the numerous options in the Wood Register Covers under the Wall Vents & Return Air Grilles category.


Unfinished Wood Floor Register
Master SKU: 37-0013#

These are wood floor registers in hard to find sizes. Beautiful solid oak registers are unfinished so you can match them to any home interior.

Our price: $33.59
Large Wood Floor Returns - Unfinished Wood Floor Grille
Master SKU: 37-0018##

Large wood floor returns are crafted from 100% oak. Our wood floor grilles will arrive unfinished allowing you to stain them to match existing wood. We have sizes 8 x 10 and 8 x 12 available. Please note, the wood floor returns do not have a damper to control airflow.

Our price: $54.59
Metal Flush Mount Floor Grills
Master SKU: 32-0001#
One-of-a-kind wood and metal flush mount vent available in 6 decorative designs. These 4x12 flush decorative floor grates have a unfinished red oak frame and removable laser cut steel insert. Purchase these wood floor vents before you install your floors for a flush fit.

Our price: $59.99
Unfinished Oak Flush Mount Register
Master SKU: 37-0107#
Add these sturdy unfinished Red Oak Wood Flush Mount Floor Registers when installing your new hardwood floors.

Our price: $19.75
High Output Flush Wood Vent - Red Oak
Master SKU: 64-0001#
Sturdy flush mount oak register is sold in two parts: a frame that is installed with the flooring and a removable insert and are made for 3/4" thick flooring. These unfinished red oak registers are available in 12 sizes.

Our price: $33.59
High Output Flush Wood Vent - White Oak
Master SKU: 64-0020#
These White Oak Flush Mount Floor Registers are the High-Output design. This energy efficient register will allow for 30% more air flow into your room.

Our price: $35.69
High Output Flush Wood Vent - Maple
Master SKU: 64-0011#
Buy High-Output Maple Flush Mount Floor Registers for your uninstalled maple floor. Stain to match. The two-directional slats allow air to flow in two separate directions.

Our price: $44.09
High Output Flush Wood Vent - Brazillian Cherry
Master SKU: 64-0040#
This High-Output Brazilian Cherry Flush Mount Floor Vent is made in the USA. High output design allows for 30% more air flow.

Our price: $52.49
High Output Flush Wood Vent - American Cherry
Master SKU: 64-0031#
High-Output American Cherry Flush Mount Floor Register is designed to be installed while floor is being layed. Streamlined damper sits against the underside of register.

Our price: $41.99
Wood Baseboard Register-24 Inches
Master SKU: 37-0155#
These are hard to find 24 inch Wood Baseboard Registers. Place your order today to enjoy the warmth these wood baseboard registers will bring to your room.

Our price: $61.99
Custom Baseboard Cover - Unfinished Wood Baseboard Vents
Master SKU: 64-0025#

Custom baseboard covers in unfinished red oak, including hard-to-find-lengths like 12 inches and 30 inches. These unfinished wood baseboard vents feature a classic slotted design. Available in 5 common sizes and an option for customizable lengths, depths and height. This item is considered Special Order, Non-Returnable and cannot be canceled once placed.

Our price: $79.29
Firm Foam Tape
Master SKU: 25-0262
Use this firm foam tape to help adjust your vent to fit into any odd size duct opening. This tan adhesive rubber padding is sold in 17 foot rolls, in width choices 1/2" and 3/4".

Our price: $7.99