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WoolClean Carpet Spot Removal Kit

WoolClean Carpet Spot Removal Kit

Clean Wool Carpet With Wool Clean Carpet Spot Removal Kit

As seen in Real Simple magazine! Easily clean wool carpet with the Wool Clean Carpet Spot Removal Kit which is safe for all carpet fibers and effectively cleans spots and spills on your wool carpets. This is a complete kit to clean wool carpet which includes bottles of spot remover, dry spot remover, and absorb it powder. Finally, you can easily clean wool carpet!

Removing spots and spills is essential to extend the beauty and life of your carpet. When spills occur, time is the essence and applying the correct cleaning agent will help prevent stains and permanent damage to your carpet. This is why is is essential to keep this versatile wool and carpet cleaning kit for spills. When cleaning wool carpet after the initial spill, keep as dry as possible during cleaning. After applying recommended treatment, blot the area as dry as possible with a clean cloth and then cover with Absorb-It, or paper towels to dry.

3 Easy Steps to Clean Wool Carpet

  • 12 oz Wool Clean Spot Remover 1 - removes non-greasy water-based spots and stains
  • 12 oz Wool Clean Dry Spot Remover 2 - removes greasy, oil-based spots
  • 12 oz Wool Clean Absorb It - works like tiny sponges on pet accidents and spills. Use to absorb spills initially or as a final step to absorb leftover materials as the carpet dries
  • Wool and carpet cleaning guide

This WoolClean kit makes cleaning wool carpet a breeze! The WoolClean Carpet Spot Removal Kit is effect on a full range of stain types such as ink, blood, urine and more! Check out our Spot Removal Chart to see what WoolClean kit contents the manufacturer recommends for a particular stain/spot.

Also try Wool Clean Natural wool carpet spot and stain cleaner.

Order the Wool Clean Kit today from InstallerStore.com to see how clean and fresh your wool carpets can look.

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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WoolClean Carpet Spot Removal Kit - Cleaning Wool Carpet
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