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Zoroufy Wall Hangers

Classic & Decorative Tapestry Rod Collections

Zoroufy offers an easy and impressive means to display rugs, tapestries and quilts. Patented classic and decorative tapestry rods can be custom cut to your exact specifications. Manufactured from 100% brass and sold as a complete set. Zoroufy wall hangers allow you to elegantly show off your valued textiles. See categories below for additional details and order options.

Zoroufy Wall Hanger Highlights

  • Patented collections of classic and decorative wall hangers
  • Display your quilt or rug quickly, conveniently and safely
  • Complete sets are manufactured from 100% brass
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Decorative wall rug hangers at low prices. Tapestry rod or quilt hanger, call it what you wish. Even find adjustable rods, many finishes and ornate finials right here. Call InstallerStore.com for the best prices on all 4 Zoroufy hanger collections: Classic, Legacy Adjustable, Regency and Grand Regency.

Zoroufy Grand Regency Wall Hangers
12 products

Zoroufy Regency Wall Hangers
12 products

Zoroufy Classic Wall Hangers
10 products

Zoroufy Legacy Adjustable Wall Hangers
4 products