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Brass Plated Baseboard Return Grill

Brass Plated Baseboard Return Grill

Brass Baseboard Return Grille - Brass Vent Covers in 3 Sizes

Use brass baseboard return grilles to match your other brass accents in the room. These brass vent covers have a durable steel core with a striking brass plated finish. Order your brass baseboard return grille according to the size of the vent opening you will be covering. The 14 x 6 inch brass vent covers will fit a 14 x 6 vent opening. The faceplate dimensions are given to help the customer determine how much further the brass baseboard return grille will extend beyond the hole opening due to the 3/4 inch margin surrounding the fins.

All sizes of this brass baseboard return grille have a 7/8 inch turnback margin. Fins have been set at a 20 degree angle. The fins themselves are 1/3 inch apart. These brass vent covers are designed to have continuous air flow.

The brass vent covers are easy to install. The faceplate comes with 2 pre-drilled holes and 2 screws are included. Just place over hole opening and screw into wall. Then just sit back enjoy the extra touch of class this brass baseboard return grille will bring to your room. These hard to find brass vent covers come in the 5 sizes shown in table below. For one low cost these can be ready to ship direct to your door!

Brass Baseboard Return Grille Highlights

  • Plated brass vent covers have a steel core
  • 7/8 inch turnback
  • 1/3 inch fin spacing
  • Fins set at a 20 degree angle
  • Faceplate is approximately 1 1/4 inches larger

Additional Baseboard Return Grille Finishes

Brass Vent Covers - Available Sizes:

Item # Return Grille
and Hole Size
10-0195 14" x 6" 15.25" x 7.25"
10-0198 14" x 8" 15.25" x 9.25"
10-0200 30" x 8" 31.25" x 9.25"

Use this stylish brass baseboard return grille to enhance the look of your room. Order today.

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Brass Baseboard Return Grill
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