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Builder Board Seamer - Tape Applicator

Builder Board Seamer - Tape Applicator
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Surface Shields Tape Dispenser - Builder Board Seamer

This Builder Board Seamer was designed to make installation time faster. The seamer is able to reduce installation time by more than 60% and works with multiple different tapes up to 4". Masking Tape, Blue Tape, PE tape, Builder Board Breathable Tape and of course Builder Board Seam Tape are all able to be used with this tape dispenser. Not only is this item reusable but it's also made with the toughest materials right in the USA.

When purchasing the Surface Shields Tape Dispenser you will also receive one roll of Builder Board Seam Tape with every purchase!

Seamer Tape Applicator Highlights

  • Reduce installation time by more than 60%
  • Reusable and made in America
  • Use with breathable tape, blue tape and more

**Please note: The free tape that comes with Builder Board Seamer is NOT breathable

These weigh 10 pounds and are 46 inches tall which makes them easy to transport and store. Not only are they light weight, they are also designed to fit snuggly inside the core of the Builder Board Rolls! Don't wait, save time and money by ordering today!

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