Cover Luxe Baseboard Kit

Cover Luxe Baseboard Kit
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Replacement Hot Water Baseboard Cover Kit

Cover Luxe Baseboard Cover Kit is made of molded plastic that is not only strong but also very durable and can handle large amounts of heat. Each cover kit is made of recycled materials. Because these are made of molded plastic you can rest easy knowing they will not rust over time. All of these covers measure exactly 8" in height and 3" in depth. In each kit you will receive mounting brackets, front panel cover and back panel strip. You must order the end caps seperately and any inner or outer corners as well.

If your cover runs wall to wall instead of ordering the ends caps you would just order two individual Snap Caps. You would just need to make sure your cover is trimmed to the correct size, snap the cover into place and then snap the snap caps at each end to give it a clean and finished look.

Cover Luxe Baseboard Kit Sizing:

2 foot Cover Set

25 inch Length Cover

4 foot Cover Set

49 inch Length Cover

6 foot Cover Set

74 inch Length Cover

8 foot Cover Set

97 inch Length Cover

When ordering your Cover Luxe Baseboard Kit you will want to measure the length of the heating element you are needing to cover and select the size that is the closest without going under. For example, if your element is 32" in length you would need to order the 49 inch length cover (or 4 foot) and time it down to the desired length. Make sure you do not order a size that is too small or else you have a noticable gap.

Caution: Gloves should be worn when installing the baseboard covers due to the fins of the element being very sharp. Also make sure the heater is turned off atleast 30 minutes prior to touching around the unit to avoid burning yourself.

There are 6 different finish options to choose from. To see the colors, simply select in the drop down below which color you want and scroll to the top of the page and you will see the selected finish in the picture above.

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