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Cover Luxe Inside Corner Contector

Cover Luxe Inside Corner Contector
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Inside Corner Connector - Cover Luxe Baseboard Accessory

Cover Luxe Inside Corner Connector comes with 4 pieces. The items included are a screw, a corner post and the actual corner piece is two pieces. The installation for this is slightly more complicated than the outside corner however it is still very easy to follow.

First you take the corner post and sit it on the ground right in the corner of the wall with the hole closest to the top. You then take the screw that is provided and gently screw it in the hole in the post at a 45 degree angle straight into the corner. The purpose of this 'post' is to hold the top of the inside corner in place. Next, take the top piece of the corner and lay it on first. While holding this in place simply slide the last (and smaller) piece onto the front of the cover. 

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Cover Luxe Inside Corner
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