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Crystal Care Diamond Floor Sealer

Crystal Care Diamond Floor Sealer

Crystal Care Terrazzo Sealer - Urethane Floor Sealer

This terrazzo sealer is a water-based urethane floor sealer specifically formulated for adherence to porous stone flooring. This urethane floor sealer establishes a reversible bond with the stone flooring. Because of this urethane floor sealers superior adherence it is ideal for durable high gloss finishes such as Dazzle, Jewel and Crystal. This terrazzo sealer works in a way that's self leveling; two coats will give you a more level and smooth surface to apply the durable finish coat. More than just a terrazzo sealer, this product can be used on other porous stone surfaces as well.

Coverage per Gallon is approximately 1,800 square feet. The manufacturer recommends applying two coats.

Diamond Urethane Floor Sealer Directions

  • Always make sure floor has been recently stripped
  • Use a clean rayon/cotton blend mop
  • Frame out the perimeter to be sealed with the mop and sealer
  • Go back and fill in the "framed" area using side to side motions
  • Slightly overlapping with each pass

Coverage for this urethane floor sealer varies greatly due to porosity of stone. Diamond urethane floor sealer is available in one gallon containers.

Purchase this terrazzo sealer to bring out the best in your floors!

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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Diamond Sealer for terrazzo and porous stone
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