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Crystal Care High Glow Cleaner

Crystal Care High Glow Cleaner

Crystal Care Wax Floor Cleaner For Wax Floor Maintenance

This wax floor cleaner can be used on natural wax or synthetic finishes. For wax floor maintenance Crystal Care High Glow Cleaner is a must have for daily mopping. For wax floor maintenance this product is designed to be gentle yet effective as a wax floor cleaner. This wax floor cleaner is comprised of specialized compounds to remove grime, grease and many other types of dirt without leaving a dulling residue on your floor. For wax floor maintenance this product restores shine, and is much easier to use than wax floor cleaners have traditionally been in the past. This product is great for commercial and residential wax floor maintenance.

Crystal Care Wax Floor Maintenance Instructions

  • For daily mopping 3oz per every gallon
  • For light use 1.25oz per every gallon
  • For heavy or greasy floors 6oz per every gallon
  • Always use hot water
  • Scrub with a soft pad if needed
  • Rinse floor thoroughly with clean water

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***Keep out of reach of children.

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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