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Crystal Care Shield Sealer

Crystal Care Shield Sealer

Crystal Care Shield Floor Sealer, Water Based Sealer

Use Shield floor sealer to protect hard surfaces from water, stains, and oil. This one step, water based sealer can be used inside and outside your home or business.

Shield floor sealer will maintain natural look of your surface while giving it a protective seal. This water based sealer is not only a floor sealer, but is ideal for counters and other surfaces. Crystal Care water based sealer makes cleaning and maintaining surfaces simple. This floor sealer can be used outdoors and will sweep rain water off surfaces preventing slippage.

Shield Floor Sealer Application Instructions

  • Before applying this water based sealer, make sure surfaces are clean, dry, and free of other coatings
  • Be sure to test in small area before beginning
  • Apply the floor sealer to prepped surface using a brush sponge, medium nap roller, or low pressure sprayer
  • Once dry, check if surface has cured by placing a small drop of water on the surface, if it beads, then it has cured

Water Based Sealer Can Be Used On:

Concrete Grout Limestone Flagstone Masonry Stucco
Wood Ceramic Travertine Terrazzo Brick Paver
Unglazed Stone Marble Quarry Tile Granite Slate  

Order Shield floor sealer today and use this water based sealer to protect surfaces inside and outside your home!

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.
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Shield concrete surface sealer
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