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Deflect-o Plastic Sidewall/Ceiling Register

Deflect-o Plastic Sidewall/Ceiling Register

Economy Plastic Sidewall/Ceiling Register From Deflect-o

Use in high humidity areas. This Deflecto plastic wall register is made entirely of plastic and no metal at all preventing rust. They are easy to install and designed to be simple to use. The 10 x 6, 10 x 8 and 12 x 6 have a three way deflection pointing in the directions left, right and down towards the floor. The 8 x 4 wall register is a single deflection. You will love how light weight these plastic wall registers are.


SKU # Opening Size Faceplate Size
25-0019 8" x 4"
(single deflection only)
10" x 6"
25-0011 10" x 6" 12 7/16" x 8 7/16"
25-0012 10" x 8" 12 7/16" x 10 7/16"
25-0013 12" x 6" 14 7/16" x 8 7/16"

**These registers are for use in only wall and ceilings.

**PLEASE NOTE: These items have been discontinued and have limited stock available. 

To determine your register size be sure to measure the hole opening not the old register. If the hole is 12 x 6 order a 12 x 6 regsiter the overall faceplate will be 14 7/16" x 8 7/16"

Deflecto Plastic Wall Register Qualities

- Simple push and pull design
- Can be painted or stained 
- Contains mounting screws
- 3-way deflection (left, right and down towards)
- Light Weight and great for high humidity areas
- Made with a larger frame to cover any marks from previous registers

More white plastic wall registers are available for purchase

Order you new plastic wall registers today!



Master SKU 25-0019
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Deflecto Plastic Wall Register
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