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Dr Schutz Laminate Cleaner

Dr Schutz Laminate Cleaner

Dr. Schutz Laminate Cleaner

Dr. Schutz Laminate Cleaner is a neutral cleaning agent that is great for routine cleaning of laminate floors. Suitable for all types of laminated floors and surfaces. Including click laminate floors. No residue will be left behind with this easy to use cleaner. Comes in a 750 ml bottle. Purchase yours today!.

How to apply:

  • Before using, read and understand all directions
  • Always prepare a test area in a inconspicuous spot to determine desired results
  • Shake material well before use
  • For routine cleaning dilute 1:200 (50 ml for every 10 L of water)
  • Lightly wipe over the floor while avoiding streaks and puddles
  • Wipe the floor with a wrong out cloth to avoid pools of cleaner
  • Do not allow the floors to be wet for a prolonged period of time or it may warp the floor.

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