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Dr Schutz Vinyl Total Floor Care Kit

Dr Schutz Vinyl Total Floor Care Kit
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Vinyl Total Floor Care - Dr. Schutz Cleaning Kit - NOT IN STOCK NO ETA.

Get everything you need for your LVT floors from Dr. Schutz in one ready to use kit! Don't hassle with buying all the products you need for your floors separately. Whether you need an everyday cleaner or just had your floors installed, we have you covered. This 3 step kit makes floor maintenance easy with a strip, clean, and polish that will make your floors look like new again. Be sure to purchase yours today!

Dr. Schutz Total Floor Care Kit Includes:

  • Swivel Mop Head
  • Rough Scrubbing Pad
  • Smooth Cleaning/Applicator Pad
  • Various Sizes of Furniture Leg Protection Pads
  • Clean and Strip 750ml
    • After installation cleaning dilute at ratio between 1:5 and 1:10
    • For stripping old sealer dilute at ratio 1:5
  • Floor Cleaner Concentrate 750 ml
    • Daily maintenance cleaning dilute at 1:200 ratio
  • Floor Mat Sealer 750 ml
    • 750 sq ft per bottle
    • Can be used after installation or after stripping off old sealer

How to Use Dr. Schutz Total Floor Care Kit:

  • Be sure to dust/clean floors free of all dirt and debris with a broom or vacuum.
  • When you are deep cleaning your floors of heavy build up of cleaners or dirt you want to start with the clean and strip.
  • For day to day use or after using the clean and strip you will use the R1000 Floor Cleaner to get rid of stains and soiled floors by binding dirt and refreshes the floor at the same time.
  • If you have used the clean and strip then you will need to use the Floor Mat to refinish the floors and help prevent stains and protect the floor from damage.
  • Last step is enjoy your clean, fresh LVT!

Detailed Product Information:

  • Clean and Strip - Gentle floor stripper to remove old built up residue and cleaning products as well as deep dug in dirt.
  • Routine R1000 Floor Cleaner - Hard floor active cleaner that binds dirt and dust and ensures all marks and stains are removed. Refreshes and cleans floors all at once.
  • Floor Mat Floor Polish - Protects and refinishes the floor with elastic anti-slip film. Helps prevent dirt from adhering to the floor and help make regular day to day cleaning easier.

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