Hallmark NuOil ReNu

Hallmark NuOil ReNu
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NuOil ReNu Cleaner - Wood Floor Care

NuOil ReNu Cleaner is a specially made high quality oil cleaner that is designed with nourishing components that are able to not only clean your oiled hardwood floors but also protect them from future damage. This product protects your floors by refreshing the natural oils in your oiled hardwood floors and prevents dirt and liquid penetration. All natural, organic, and VOC free this product is a great and safe choice for any home! While being safe the ReNu also will refresh, fortify, and enhance the finish without leaving a film on top of the wood. Use about every 3-4 months depending on the amount of foot traffic and use. Sold in both a 32 oz spray bottle and a 1 gallon jug. Be sure to purchase yours today!

ReNu Cleaner Highlights

  • Wood floor care solution is ready to use
  • Two sizes are available
  • Cleaner is natural, organic, and VOC free
  • No residue is left behind

Wood Floor Care Directions:

  • First sweep or vacuum floor on hard floor setting to lift loose dirt and dust.
  • Shake the bottle before application
  • Test in a small inconspicuous area before applying to full floor
  • Spray directly onto the floor and spread with a cotton terry cloth mop cover.
  • Work in sections to prevent sprayed cleaner from drying too quickly before it is wiped into floor.
  • After full application allow to dry for 60-90 minutes before walking on it or replacing furniture.
  • Re-apply every 3-4 months,

Purchase your NuOil ReNu gallon jug with an empty 32 oz bottle or refill into the 32oz spray option as spray is the best application.

Oiled wood floor refinishing is made easy when you use the NuOil ReNu Cleaner. Order today!

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NuOil ReNu Cleaner by Hallmark
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