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Haydon 135 Degree Out Corner Replacement

Haydon 135 Degree Out Corner Replacement
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135 Degree Outside Corner - Hot Water Baseboard Cover

Need to connect two baseboards on an outside corner but don't want others seeing the gap that it leaves behind? Here is the perfect solution! This baseboard cover from Haydon helps give the illusion of one continuous baseboard when connecting two at an outside corner. Don't worry about screws, bolts, time or an extra pair of hands with this snap on replacement piece.
The installation is a breeze! Simply snap the piece into place to give your connecting hot water baseboard heaters a nice clean, sleek look. With an off-white finish and rust inhibiting pre-coat, this is sure to give you the aesthetic you are looking for!

Baseboard Out Corner Highlights

  • Simple installation
  • Gives a continuous look
  • Rust inhibiting pre-coat
  • Durable off-white finish

We have an assortment of Hot Water Baseboard Covers perfect for your home or office. Order today!

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Our price: $36.45
Haydon 750 Out Corner
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