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Padco 10" Floor Finish Applicator

Padco 10" Floor Finish Applicator

Padco 10” Floor Coater Nylfoam Floor Finish Applicator and Pad

Using the Padco Floor Coater makes it easy to apply a fast, flawless finish on your floors. This floor finish applicator is the professional’s choice for application of oil and water based floor finishes and waxes.

The unique cushioned squeegee actions of this floor finish applicator leaves a smooth, streak and bubble-free finish on your floors with ease.  Padco Floor Coater works great at finishing large or small floors. The floor finish applicator is not recommended for use with shellac or high concentrations of xylol, acetone, or ketone.

Padco Floor Coater Highlights

  • The floor finish applicator creates a smooth, consistent finish
  • Use the floor coater with waterborne, oil modified and most solvent finishes, stains and waxes
  • Wood, tile, concrete and terrazzo are recommended surfaces for use of the Padco Floor Coater
The Padco Floor Coater makes it easy for you to get even and consistent coverage every time.
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