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Patch-n-Touch up Stick

Patch-n-Touch up Stick

Grout Aide Patch-n-Touch Up Stick

The new Grout Aide Patch-n-Touch Up Stick by SKM Industries is made with SKM's new Spackling Compound that allows it to patch holes in a wide variety of surfaces such as Drywall, Wood-Moulding and Plaster. It gives the use a professional finish with out the need for a paint roller on a patched surface. 

Patch-n-Touch Up Stick Highlights

  • Fill nail holes and cracks
  • Made with Spackling Compound
  • Built in MOHAIR Paintbrush AND Scraping Tool
  • Match textured finishes with Spackling Compound
  • Match Wallpaper without the fuss of wallpaper
  • Paint NOT Included



  1. Twist end to reveal 1/16" of spackle
  2. Dab into cracks and blemishes
  3. Use scraper to smooth surface
  4. Use paint applicator to blend color to match


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Master SKU 65-0086
Our price: $8.99
SKM Drywall and Plaster Touch up Stick
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