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Traction Plus Daily Cleaner and Maintainer Gallon

Traction Plus Daily Cleaner and Maintainer Gallon
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Traction Plus Daily Cleaner - Natural Surfaces Maintainer

Traction Plus Daily Cleaner will clean your floors making them look good as new and will also bring back it's slip resistance. Unlike most floor cleaners Traction Plus products are soap free and will leave no slippery film or residue. This product is usually used in commercial buildings however can also be used in your home. Below you will see instructions for safety treating your floors and also instructions on daily maintenance.

Daily Cleaner For Safety Treating Floors

  1. Sweep the floors thoroughly
  2. Damp mop the floors using clean water
  3. Pour the solution into a clean and empty mop bucket **DO NOT ADD WATER
  4. Using a clean mop, apply the solution liberally to the area to be treated **Do not wring mop
  5. Vigorously brush the floor to loosen the build up **DO NOT ALLOW FLOOR TO DRY
  6. Pick up dirty solution and thoroughly rinse with clean water, changing the rinse-water frequently

Normally for most surfaces a one-time Safety Treatment is sufficient as long as you are then following with daily maintenance. In some cases depending on your specific type of floor and build up a second application may be needed to completely clean all the pours and grout lines of the tiles.

Traction Plus For Daily Floor Maintenance:

  1. Sweep the floors
  2. Combine solution with water using the below ratio chart
  3. Mop the area
  4. Rinse the floors thoroughly with clean water if necessary and allow to dry
Solution Type Dilution in ounces (water : solution)
Light 64 : 1
Medium 32 : 1
Heavy 16 : 1

Please note: This product is NOT to be used on marble flooring. It can be used on ceramic tile, quarry tile, porcelain, terrazzo, saltillo tile and concrete. Always make sure to use in a small, inconspicuous area first. This item is meant for low gloss floors.

Traction plus is not a one-time application but more so an on-going safety and maintenance system. The most common areas this product is used on would be bathroom and kitchen floors, ramps, porches and decks, shower stalls and bath tubs, entrance ways and exits, locker rooms, pool and jacuzzi areas, loading docks and lobbies. High traction products have been clinically proven to reduce slip and fall claims by as much as 90% according to the National Floor Safety Institute.

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Traction Plus Daily Cleaner and Maintainer
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