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TruAire Unfinished Red Oak Baseboard Register

TruAire Unfinished Red Oak Baseboard Register
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TruAire Unfinished Baseboard Register - Red Oak Wood Vent

These Baseboard Registers are available in both 15" and 18" sizes. They come to you unfinished giving you the freedom to use any stain necessary to match your existing trim or floors. This TruAir Wood Vent has a flap damper that allows you to open or close off airflow as needed for your comfort. The frame of the register is screwed into the wall along the baseboard and the faceplate is easily removed for opening or closing the flap damper as well as cleaning and maintenence. 

Unfinished Wood Baseboard Register Highlights

  • 100% wood construction
  • Made with Red Oak
  • Flap damper
  • Comes to you unfinished
  • Faceplate is easily removed for cleaning, maintenence and damper control

Red Oak Wood Vent Available Sizes:

SKU # Length Height Base Projection
49-0115 15" 4 3/8" 3 1/4"
49-0116 18" 4 3/8" 3 1/4"

These beautiful wood vents are perfect for your home or office! Replace your outdated, old, rusted metal baseboard registers today with a flate rate shipping cost! 

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TruAire Unfinished Red Oak Baseboard Register - Front, Back and Open
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