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TruAire - Baseboard Registers & Toe Kick Returns

TrueAire is a leading manufacturer of grilles, registers and returns. These superior products are available in multiple sizes and finishes. TruAire features high value, easy to install vents without the premium price.  

TrueAire Registers Highlights

  • Grilles, registers & returns
  • High quality and affordable
  • Steel baseboard registers in Satin Nickel & Oil Rubbed Bronze Finishes
  • Plastic baseboard registers offered in white & brown

Get more Baseboard Registers in any size or style. Order yours today!

Floor Register Trap
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0113

NEW IN STOCK! TruAire Floor Register Traps collect small items that have mistakenly found their way into your air vents. Available in 4" x 10" and 4" x 12" sizes. Easy to install and easy to empty.

Our price: $7.15
Oil Rubbed Bronze Baseboard Register
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0109.

NEW IN STOCK! TruAire Triangular Steel Baseboard Registers feature a rustic oil rubbed bronze finish and come in 15"' and 18" sizes. 

Our price: $33.99
Plastic Baseboard Register
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0106

IN STOCK! New TruAire Plastic Baseboard register come in Brown and White and have many defining features making them a must have for the practical homeowner. 15" and 18" sizes available.

Our price: $13.99
Satin Nickel Baseboard Register
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0111.

IN STOCK! New Satin Nickel Triangular Baseboard Registers! Available in 15" and 18" lengths. These vents feature a sleek, chrome-like, satin nickel finish, a three directional air dispersion system and an adjustable damper. Get yours today!

Our price: $35.59
TruAire Unfinished Red Oak Baseboard Register
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0115

TruAire Wood Baseboard Registers are available in 15" and 18". These registers come unfinished so you can match it to any wood stain in your home! Open and close damper allows for airflow control and comfort! 

Our price: $59.69
Accord / TruAire White Stamped Steel Baseboard Register
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0160

Replace your old worn out or damaged vents with new baseboard registers from TruAire. Crafted from stamped steel with a bright white finish. Multiple sizes available.

Our price: $25.45
White Metal Sidewall / Ceiling Register
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0165

Painted white steel registers with an adjustable damper to control air flow. Many sizes available. Screws are included for easy installation on the wall or ceiling.

Our price: $12.69
White Return Air Grilles
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0210
Find 55 sizes of return air grilles with stamped steel construction. White vents range in size from 6x4 to 30x14 inches.

Our price: $9.99
White Stamped Steel Baseboard Return Grille
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0145

Baseboard return air grilles made from durable stamped steel. The price and quality of these white metal vents cannot be beat. Find 10 x 6 inch up to 30 x 12 inch sizes.

Our price: $12.19
Steel Toe Kick Return - White or Golden Sand
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0121
TruAire brand steel toe kick returns available in white or golden sand enamel finish. The all-steel construction ensures this toe space vent will stand the test of time.

Our price: $9.25
White Round Ceiling Register
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0301+0301D

This hard to find round sidewall / ceiling vent with butterfly damper can be shipped direct to your door. Round register will cover a 6" or 8" hole.

Our price: $30.55
6 Inch Circular Ceiling Vent
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0301

You can have this hard to find round ceiling vent shipped direct to your doorstep. Circular metal return air grille will cover a hole size of 6".

Our price: $15.69
Large White Round Ceiling Register
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-03xxD

White round ceiling registers in large 10 inch, 12 inch and 14 inch hard to find sizes. Economical round vent covers feature a step down diffuser ring for 360 degree air stream.

Our price: $53.15
8 Inch Circular Ceiling Vent
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0302

Round metal 8" ceiling return air grille with a white powder coat finish. This vent cover is made of steel and will cover a hole size of 8".

Our price: $18.25
Large White Round Ceiling Grilles
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-03xx

Hard-to-find large round ceiling grilles in sizes 10 inch, 12 inch and 14 inch. Circular vent covers are available in a classic, clean white finish.

Our price: $22.55
TruAire Brown Steel Baseboard Diffusers
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0094

Find our classic TruAire Brown Baseboard Registers in 3 popular sizes - 15", 18" and 24". 

Our price: $13.15
TruAire White Steel Baseboard Diffusers
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0091#

Classic TruAire triangular baseboard registers in 15, 18, and 24 inch sizes. Vents feature a removable faceplate for easy cleaning and metal damper for adjustable air flow.

Our price: $13.15
Metal Baseboard Register 4 Foot
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 49-0001

Hard to find 4 ft metal baseboard register in traditional white or brown finishes. Great for any commercial or residential application. Vent features even air flow and all steel construction.

Our price: $46.19