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Wool Clean Absorb It Powder

Wool Clean Absorb It Powder

Wool Carpet Cleaner - To Eliminate Pet Urine Odor

As seen in Real Simple magazine! Use this wool carpet cleaner to eliminate pet urine odor on your wool rugs or carpeting. This wool carpet cleaner is made by WoolClean; a leader in wool carpet care. WoolClean wool carpet cleaner is safe for use on all fibers. This great wool carpet cleaner works like tiny sponges to eliminate pet urine odor and other spills. This container has 2lbs of powder.


Wool Carpet Cleaner Directions


  • Sprinkle Absorb-It over area until you can no longer see spill and cover an additional 2 inches around
  • Wait for spill to soak into absorbent granules
  • Let Absorb-It dry for a few hours
  • Vacuum area thoroughly
  • Best results are achieved when spills are treated immediately

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Order this wool carpet cleaner today to eliminate pet urine odor!

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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2 lb. Wool Clean Absorb-It Sponges
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