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Instabind Carpet Binding

Instabind Carpet Binding Tape

Regular Binding
regular instabind
Adhesive carpet binding tape. You can bind carpet in minutes with Instabind and a glue gun. No sew carpet edging in 22 colors.

Download Instructions in PDF Format Here: Instabind Instructions

Regular Carpet Binding
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Instabind Carpet Binding Sample Flier
Master SKU: Instabind Flier#
We've created an Instabind sample flier so you can see up close the exact style and color of Instabind you wish to order. Features 22 color samples of the regular Instabind.

Our price: $6.98
Simple Instabind Flier
Master SKU: Flier 001
Get this flier to see a print sample of the fabric colors.

Our price: $1.74
Instabind Carpet Binding Starter Pack
Master SKU: Instabind Kit#
Instabind Starter Pack is perfect for the installer just beginning to use Instabind. Find out what it is all about in one convenient pack.

Our price: $89.99