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Stone Sealer and Polish

Stone Sealer and Polish


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Aqua Mix Stone Enhancer
Master SKU: 27-0034#
Aqua Mix Stone Enhancer will rejuvenate the appearance of worn and weathered dense stone.

Our price: $54.39
Cal-Flor Floor Cleaner and Polish - Satin or Gloss
Master SKU: 22-0010#
Cal-Flor Single-Step Cleaner & Polish in one! This cleaner/polish duo is available in soft satin and bright glossy finish. This floor polish covers approximately 750 square feet per 24 oz bottle.

Our price: $12.99
Gundlach Aerosol Granite Sealer GW08
Master SKU: 45-0029#
Gundlach Granite Sealer is a water based foam formula that makes stone tile sealing a breeze! This stone tile sealer leaves the surface looking like new! The 15 oz aerosol sealer can also be used for non-floor marble sealing.

Our price: $32.99
Gundlach Granite Cleaner and Polish GC27
Master SKU: 45-0028#
Gundlach granite cleaner and polish allows for a mess free cleaning experience. The easy spray-on application allows for convenient and affordable marble countertop care. Granite cleaner and polish is available in a 19 oz aerosol can.

Our price: $31.99
Gundlach Solvent Based Grout & Stone Sealer
Master SKU: 45-0011#
Gundlach GS03 and GS04 solvent based tile grout sealer in 2 convenient sizes; 128 oz and 32 oz. This floor grout sealer can also be used on thru body porcelain surfaces.

Our price: $76.99
Gundlach Solvent Based Spray-On Grout Sealer GS02
Master SKU: 45-0010#
Gundlach GS02 Spray-On Grout Sealer in 15 oz can. Solvent based aerosol grout sealer for use on polished and porous stone, masonry, grout, and concrete.

Our price: $31.99
Gundlach Solvent Based Stone Color Enhancer
Master SKU: 45-0013#
Gundlach Color Enhancer seals and protects porous stone surfaces while intensifying the natural colors and depth of the stone. This stone color enhancer can be used on indoor and outdoor stone surfaces. Available in 32 oz and gallon containers.

Our price: $76.99
Gundlach Spray-On Stone Color Enhancer GW07
Master SKU: 45-0020
Gundlach stone color enhancer is a water based formula that performs like a solvent! This water based stone sealer enhancers and seals stone in one step with easy spay-on application. The Gundlach stone color enhancer comes in a 15 oz aerosol can.

Our price: $37.99
Gundlach Travertine Conditioner & Sealer
Master SKU: 45-0021#
Water-based Gundlach travertine sealer & conditioner brings out the natural beauty of unpolished travertine. This travertine enhancer leaves a nice low to medium sheen finish. Affordable travertine sealer available in 32 oz and gallon sized containers.

Our price: $76.99
Gundlach Water Based Grout & Stone Sealer
Master SKU: 45-0016#
Gundlach water based grout sealer is a low VOC compliant, water based formula for use where flammability or odor sensitivity is a concern.The penetrating stone floor sealer forms an invisible, breathable barrier.

Our price: $40.99
Gundlach Water Based Stone Color Enhancer
Master SKU: 45-0018#
Gundlach stone color enhancer in a VOC compliant, non-flammable water based stone sealer formula. Protect and intensify the natural color of your stone surfaces with the Gundlach stone color enhancer. Available in 32 oz and in a gallon sized container.

Our price: $76.99
Stone Savior Polish
Master SKU: 20-0001
Stone Savior Polish will give life back to your polished marble, granite and other solid surfaces.

Our price: $10.99
Stone Savior Sealer
Master SKU: 20-0003
Stone Savior Sealer is great for natural stone surfaces, limestone, travertine, granite, marble, and slate.

Our price: $13.99
Stone Sealer Applicator Pad
Master SKU: 10-0033#
Spread sealers on more evenly with this stone sealer applicator pad.

Our price: $4.59
Apex Rock Doctor Granite Sealer
Master SKU: 11-0006#
Apex Rock Doctor Granite Sealer for sealing marble, granite, grout, and other natural stone surfaces. $2 manufacturer rebate available!

Our price: $17.49
Apex Rock Doctor Granite Polish
Master SKU: 11-0003#
Apex Rock Doctor Granite Polish - Safely maintain sealed granite, marble and natural stone surfaces. $2 manufacturer rebate available!

Our price: $9.99
SealNShine Concrete Sealer
Master SKU: SealShine32#
Seal-N-Shine will seal your concrete leaving a glossy wet look.

Our price: $39.95
Aqua Mix - AquaShield Cleaner and Resealer
Master SKU: 27-0035#
AquaShield is great for cleaning and sealing stone, tile and grout all at one time.

Our price: $9.99
Aqua Mix Sealer and Coating Remover
Master SKU: 27-0040#
Aqua Mix Sealer and Coating Remover is a multi-purpose floor stripper formulated to stay wet longer giving you more time to remove most sealers, adhesives, epoxy grout haze, and more.

Our price: $18.99
Aqua Mix Penetrating Sealer
Master SKU: 27-0112#
New from Aqua Mix. Penetrating Sealer for stone, grout, & tile. An economical sealer, which allows moisture vapor transmission.

Our price: $11.39
Aqua Mix Sealer and Finish Low Sheen
Master SKU: 27-0039#
Aqua Mix Sealer & Finish - Low Sheen provides both a stain resistant surface seal and a durable low-sheen finish eliminating conventional two-step methods.

Our price: $16.85
Aqua Mix High Gloss Sealer
Master SKU: 27-0114
Aqua Mix High-Gloss Sealer for use on textured natural stone, tumbled marble, flamed granite, sandstone, slate, quartzite, textured ceramic, quarry, saltillo, terra cotta, cement, masonry, grout, and other textured stone.

Our price: $50.89
Aqua Mix Enrich N Seal Stone Enhancement
Master SKU: 27-0086#
Enrich 'N' Seal is a terrific product for darkening and enhancing natural stone color! Enrich 'N' Seal can be used on limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, and more! Sit back and enjoy the natural beauty of your stone wall!

Our price: $47.19
Aqua Mix Renue Polish
Master SKU: 27-0094#
Aqua Mix's Renue is a great way to bring shine back to your lightly etched calcium based stone.

Our price: $30.75
Aqua Mix Floor Shine and Hardener
Master SKU: 27-0083#
Floor Shine & Hardener provides a beautiful high sheen, durable floor finish, that resists surface abuse! Can be used on sealed terra cotta, slate, saltillo, adobe, and quarry tile.

Our price: $11.59
Aqua Mix Stone Clean and Shine
Master SKU: 27-0032#
Try Aqua Mix Stone Clean and Shine on all of your sealed stone surfaces to reveal sparkling, natural beauty. This product will safely buff away streaks and will protect the stone's polish.

Our price: $9.49
Crystal Care Diamond Floor Sealer
Master SKU: 18-0005#
Crystal Care Diamond Sealer for Terrazzo and porous stone flooring.

Our price: $43.99
Crystal Care Shield Sealer
Master SKU: 18-0004#
Shield by Crystal Care is a water-based penetrant and sealer for stone, concrete and wood surfaces.

Our price: $43.19
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