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Cal-Flor Film Free Adhesive Remover

Cal-Flor Film Free Adhesive Remover
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Cal-Flor Film Free - Hard Surface Floor Glue Remover

Cal-Flor Film Free effectively removes glue and film from most hard surface flooring. This go-to adhesive remover can even be used after the glue has cured. Available in a ready-to-use 12 oz spray. Not recommended for use on urethanes, epoxies or outdoor adhesives. Get started on your next flooring project without worry. Cal-Flor Film Free can be used on laminate, vinyl, ceramic and more.

Adhesive Remover Directions

  • Lightly spray Film Free onto area to be cleaned. Avoid puddling. Allow adhesive remover to work into glue approximately one minute.
  • Using a clean cloth lightly moistened with Film Free, rub film until removed.
  • For thick or fully cured glue removal, after soaking with Film Free, scrape away using a plastic (not metal) putty knife.
  • Persistent adhesives and stains may require a second application and forceful rubbing.

Cal-Flor Film Free can be used on:

  • Laminate floors
  • Prefinished wood
  • Vinyl floors
  • Ceramic tile
  • Counter tops
Removes: Spots, Glue, Film, Grease, Stains, Gunk & Grime

If using adhesive remover with laminate flooring, do not puddle cleaner on joints and limit rubbing or scraping.

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Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.
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Cal-Flor Film Free Adhesive Remover
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