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Feltac Casters with Friction Grip Rubber Castor Wheels   Square Carpet Castor
Feltac Casters with Threaded Stem Feltac Casters with Plate Attachment Slipstick Small Castors Wood Grain Caster Cup
  Slipstick Replacement Office Wheels Rubber - Universal Slipstick Leg Castor Cup  


Feltac Casters with Plate Attachment for Hard Surfaces
Master SKU: 41-0555#
These felt fused wheels are great protection for hard surface floors. The versitile plate attachment will allow you to screw it into the bottom of many wood surfaces.

Our price: $21.99
Feltac Casters with Threaded Stem
Master SKU: 41-0559#

These felt fused wheels are great protection for hard surface floors. The stems on these casters are threaded to replace standard threaded wheels.

Our price: $21.99
Feltac Fusion Felt Wheels for Office Chairs
Master SKU: 41-0504#

Change out your standard office chair wheels for these felt fused wheels to protect your floor.

Our price: $29.99
Metal Shell Carpet Base Hard Floor Protection Cups
Master SKU: 41-0521#
Protect your investment with these classic carpet base floor cups.

Our price: $3.65
Slipstick Castor Cups
Master SKU: 21-0009#
Stop furniture wheels from moving and protect your floor with these Slipstick castor cups for hard surface floors.

Our price: $8.49
Slipstick Clear Carpet Castor Cups
Master SKU: 21-0019#
Keep your furniture from slipping and sliding on your carpets. Carpet castor cups also disperses the weight load of your furniture to help reduce denting of your carpet pile.

Our price: $6.89
Slipstick Leg Coaster - Caramel or Chocolate
Master SKU: 21-0015.
Slipstick leg coasters are great for legs up tp 1.75" diameter protecting hard surfaces from scratches. They are available in the color of chocolate and caramel. Slipstick leg coasters come in a set of 4 per package.

Our price: $7.99
Slipstick Rubber Castor Wheels
Master SKU: 21-0035#

Protect your hard surface floors from damage by your office chair wheels. Slipstick Rubber Castor Wheels will replace your standard wheels in a snap then no more chairmats needed.

Our price: $20.59
Super Cup Woodgrain Caster Cups and Anti-Skid Grippers
Master SKU: 41-0513#
Super Cups are plastic with a wood grain finish for a more elegant look. Your choice of a caster cup or anti-skid gripper.

Our price: $9.15