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Color Rite Perfect Bead Mist Accessory Pack

Color Rite Perfect Bead Mist Accessory Pack

Color Rite Perfect Bead & Mist Accessory Pack - Caulk Finishing Tool

This must have caulk and sealant finishing tool ensures easy clean up after installation of caulking. Create the perfect bead of caulk with included Color Rite's Perfect Bead Tool. This silicone smoothing tool is designed to create the correct size caulk bead in horizontal and vertical surfaces. The squeegee sides are designed to keep clean up to a minimum. The Mist Spray can be sprayed directly on the caulking, caulk finishing tools, and surrounding surfaces to keep excess caulking from adhering. This saves time on clean up of tools and surfaces.

The Pre-Tooling Mist spray is safe to use on: Wood, Glass, Metal, Marble, Granite, Laminates, Fiberglass, Ceramic Tile, and Plumbing Fixtures.

This is a must have caulking tool for silicone caulk use. Silicone caulking residue during installation cannot simply be cleaned up with water. You have to wait until the silicone caulk cures, and then scrape away. Using the Pre-tooling Mist during installation of silicone caulking eliminates excess caulk and minimizes residual smearing.

Perfect Bead Mist Accessory Pack Highlights:
  • Perfect silicone smoothing tool, but can be used on all caulk applications
  • Includes (1) 4 oz spray bottle of pre-tooling mist, (1) perfect bead tool, and detailed instructions
  • Using this kit helps eliminate excess caulk from adhering to areas where it shouldn't be
  • Sealant finishing tool helps you save clean up time and energy.
  • PDF File with Full Application Instructions
Use this caulking finishing tool on our Silicone Caulk, DAP Caulk, or Colorfast Industries latex caulk.
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Color Rite Pre-Tooling Mist & Perfect Bead Tool
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