Haydon 135 Degree In Corner

135 Degree Inside Corner

This Haydon 135 Degree Inside Corner allows you to connect your two baseboards at a slight inside corner and give it the look of one continual piece. Simply snap the piece into place and watch as you transform the look of any room in your home! It has a bright white finish and a rust inhibiting pre-coat that will be able to give you the clean, sleek look you want at an affordable cost. 

There is no need for extra tools or outside help with this easy, one step installation. The piece snaps on and stays there without having to screw it into place. 

Product Highlights:
  • Rust inhibiting pre-coat
  • Bright White Finish
  • Snap on installation
  • Gives the look of one consistent baseboard
  • Easy and quick installation

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Our price: $11.69
Haydon 135 Degree In-corner
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