Johnsonite Vinyl Track Base

Johnsonite Vinyl Track Base
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Flexible Molding - T-Molding Track Base

Vinyl track base is ideal to use with this flexible t-moldings. Secure t-molding track base into place with an adhesive, like contact cement, or nails. Flexible molding must have a "T" leg to work with this vinyl track base. T-Molding track base is not for use with stretched carpeting, because it is pinless. Flexible molding and vinyl track base are ideal for straight runs or areas that may require a slight curve. T-Molding track base is sold in 12 foot lengths and manufactured in the US by Johnsonite.

Flexible Molding Track Base Highlights

  • T-Molding track base made of flexible vinyl
  • Vinyl track base is made in America
  • Can be purchased in 12 foot lengths
  • Not for use with stretched carpets
  • Attach with adhesive or nails
Take a look at this instructional video on installing flexible moldings and T-molding track base.
Johnsonite Flexible Vinyl Track Base for T-Moldings

Flexible molding transitions by Johnsonite are compatible with T-molding track base. Place your order today!
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Johnsonite Vinyl Track Base CDB-00-A
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