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Kling Tite Self Adhering Surface Protection

Kling Tite Self Adhering Surface Protection
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Kling Tite Floor Protection Film

Kling Tite is a revolutionary floor protection film formulated of a proprietary blend of Polyethylene Co-Polymers plus additives, that has a variety of advantages and benefits. Kling Tite floor protection film uses no adhesive to cling to a variety of surfaces, allowing for ultimate versatility and convenience. Kling Tite is a specially formulated film that is designed to bond to a variety of surfaces without the use of adhesive, thus this floor protection film leaves no sticky residue. Because Kling Tite does not use adhesive to bond to surfaces, there is no time limit for application - leave it down as long as surface protection is necessary during building or remodeling projects. This surface protection film does not require the use of mechanical tape or fasteners to keep the film in place. Kling Tite is a commercial grade product for superior longevity, and features superior tear and puncture resistance when compared to other similar products on the market.

This floor protection film is reverse wound for easy application - simply roll the film out and press into place.

Kling Tite is also an environmentally responsible alternative to a variety of other surface protection films. Kling Tite is manufactured green, made in America and 100% recyclable.

Kling Tite floor protection film will adhere to a variety of surfaces:

  • Glass
  • Vinyl
  • Marble
  • Plastic
  • Wood and Wood Floors
  • Metal
  • Solid Surface Tops
  • Formica
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Drywall
  • Aluminum
  • Upholstery
  • Very Low Nap Carpet*

Kling Tite comes in 6 mil thickness and 24" wide or 36" wide.

Due to the fact there is no adhesive, there is no time limit for removing this floor protection.

*It is recommended that you use overlapping layers when using this on carpet to help hold it in place under heavy use.
 Try our hand roller to make it easier to roll out!

***This product is currently out of stock and may be discontinued by the manufacturer. Please check out our large selection of other floor protection options.

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