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Kraft Shield Floor Protection Paper 35 x 144

Kraft Shield Floor Protection Paper 35 x 144

Kraft Shield - Brown Floor Protection Paper

Surface Shields brand Kraft Shields is the alternative to Red Rosin paper, because it will protect surfaces while not staining if dampened.This economical floor protection paper can be used on floors, cabinets and counter tops, while protecting from foot traffic, paint and spills. The brown kraft paper is 100% organic and biodegradable, and should be disposed of after use. Inexpensively cover larger areas by seaming multiple pieces together with flooring tape. Do not apply the flooring tape directly to the surfaces. Each roll is 35 inches wide x 144 feet in length, or enough to cover approximately 420 square feet.

Kraft Shield Product Highlights:
  • This brown kraft paper will not stain surfaces if it gets wet
  • If the Kraft Shield gets wet during use, it is recommended to replace that section
  • Apply directly to flooring, and seam multiple pieces together with tape for larger areas
  • Protect floors, cabinets and counter tops from foot traffic, paint and spills
  • Use the durable Kraft Shield during construction, remodeling, drywall, painting, or in any situation in need of temporary protection
  • 100% organic and biodegradable brown kraft paper
  • Sold in a roll size of 35 inch width x 144 feet length (approximately 420 square feet)
Important Product Information

Instructions on how to apply brown kraft paper:
  • Place on desired surface and unroll
  • Cut the Kraft Shield to length with a utility knife
  • Seam multiple pieces of the floor protection paper with floor tape for larger areas
  • Do not adhere floor tape directly to floors
  • When finished, roll up Kraft Shield and discard
This brown kraft paper floor protection is also available in a water resistant version. Check out the Water Shield water resistant kraft paper available for sale on our site.
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Surface Shields Kraft Shield - Floor Protection Paper
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