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Pattern Cut Grill Damper Box

Pattern Cut Grill Damper Box
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Damper Box for Air Supply Damper Needs

Order this damper box when you need to have an air supply damper. The size of the damper box corresponds with the size grille you are ordering. The air supply damper allows you to easily turn Pattern Cut Grilles into unique and decorative registers with controllable air flow.

This damper is easily installed behind the grille with no need for extra screws. It is held in place once the grille has been installed over it. See detailed images below.

Once installed, the air supply damper is simply opened and closed with a flat head screw driver through the grille, there is no need to disassemble. The air supply damper will allow you to open and close air flow completely with settings in-between. Directional airflow is not available.

Damper Box Highlights

  • Save with air supply dampers on your heating and cooling costs
  • Damper box is easy to install and use
  • Made of durable powder coated steel
  • Air supply damper available in 21 sizes
  • Neutral painted black finish

Important Damper Box Details

  • Damper box is meant to be used with the Pattern Cut Grilles only
  • Pattern Cut Dampers are also considered special order, non-returnable and cannot be canceled once an order is placed
  • An air supply damper can be a little stiff when brand new, open and close manually a few times to loosen it up

Order this damper and a Pattern Cut Grille to create a decorative wall or ceiling register in your home! Simply pick your air supply damper to match your grille size in the drop down menu below.

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Pattern Cut Grill Damper Box
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