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Dr Schutz Floor Repair Set

Dr Schutz Floor Repair Set

Dr. Schutz Floor Repair Kit

The Dr. Schutz Floor Repair Kit is for filling in individual holes and deep scratches on laminate, wood, and resilient flooring. This Heating pen and wax is easy to use and visually effective. Made specifically for hard to fix deep scratches and holes. Contains everything that you will need including the 9 different wax colors that can me mixed to create many different hues. Purchase your today!

Directions for the Dr. Schutz Floor Repair Kit:

  • -Before using, read and understand all directions
  • -Even out the hole in the laminate, wood, or resilient flooring with a sharp blade
  • -Round off the sharp edges with the brow
  • -Scrub the edged with the grey pad to even out further
  • -Clean the area thoroughly with a cotton cloth to be sure it is free of dirt or dust
  • -Remove the yellow protective cap then press button while pen is facing downwards to activate the heating tip of the pen
  • -Letting go of the button allows for the tip to cool
  • -Pressing and letting go of the button will help regulate the temperature
  • -If product starts to smoke it is too hot release the button
  • -Choose the first filler rod that matches the lighter shade of flooring
  • -Mix the wax rods together to find the perfect shade
  • -Dip the tip of the melting pen into the wax and then place the wax in the hole repeat until the hole is completely full
  • -With the flat size of the melting pen rub of any extra wax in or around the hole
  • -To mimic the grain in the floor use on the other darker melting wax and melt a small amount applying with edge of the brown slider
  • -Even out the surface with the white abrasive pad
  • -To seal the surface carefully guide the pen over the hole dabbing lightly
  • -Once applied allow to dry for 6 hours before walking on
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    How to use Dr schutz Repair Kit
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